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At Moto Perpetuo Farm we grow cannabis with a focus on quality and sustainability.

Our close attention to every step of the cultivation process is rooted in the belief that exceptional flower is born from a sustained marriage of soil, climate and artful post harvest stewardship; the interaction of the hand and the land.

Our flowers are grown with a combination of age old organic farming practices and an eye to the appropriate use of effective and innovative technology to aid in the most efficient use of resources.

We employ a cultivar specific fertility program that is soil based, incorporating composting, cover cropping, mineral amendments and compost teas.

We firmly believe that a biologically active soil – rich in organic nutrients – produces the highest quality flower that is rich in terpenes and flavor.

Moto Perpetuo Farm remains true to its family-centric roots in the Oregon organic farming community and maintains our long held vision and ethos of quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

With over forty years combined experience in commercial organic production for local chefs, markets and families and many years farming cannabis for patients and dispensaries, we are excited to be a part of the burgeoning Oregon recreational cannabis market.

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